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Structec Adapting to the Post-COVID World

As a business, Structec is keen to ensure sustainability in what is an unpredictable and uncertain time, for the benefit of our employees and the people we serve. Many of our customers are vulnerable people and rely upon the service we provide for their independence and quality of life, and we recognise the importance of continuing this work.

The tireless work of our management team and health and safety staff has allowed Structec to adopt stringent policies and procedures for working in this dangerous time. These include rigorous inductions for all staff restarting work over the past 2 months, extensive use of personal protective equipment (PPE), and social distancing and sanitisation procedures both for on-site operatives and office staff. All of our actions are in accordance with Government Guidelines for safe working, and in fact we have gone above and beyond these to guarantee the safety of our staff and our customers.

Health and safety matters fall under the supervision of Operations Manager John Maddox, who commented:

“We firmly believe in the effectiveness of the measures we have put in place, with the safety of our staff and customers being paramount to us. We are proud of our efforts to adapt, which has allowed us to bring 100% of our staff back to work and resume the provision of our services to those who require them.”
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