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Structec Recognised at National Award Ceremony in Coventry for Working with Vivark

The contribution of Structec to innovative and integrated working with Vivark was recognised on the 14th November at a National Award Ceremony in Coventry.

The British Building Maintenance Award 2013 was jointly accepted by Vivark and Oneserve for introducing modern collaborative business systems to the refurbishment process for void properties in Knowsley.

Structec have been working closely with Oneserve for over 12 months, a technology company providing supply chain and workflow management software to bring about this new approach to business integration. With the objective of achieving greater efficiencies and a rapid response within the supply chain, Oneserve have been successfully developing and testing a management information interface between Structec and Vivark.

The aim from the outset was to show the benefits and cost savings that can be achieved by all partners by moving from paper to an e-business process for housing repairs and maintenance works.

Steve Davies, Managing Director of Structec said,

We are very proud of our involvement in the partnership process which contributed to Vivark and Oneserve winning this prestigious award and we would like to congratulate them on this fantastic achievement.  The hard work and dedication of all partners involved has resulted in the delivery of the latest “cloud based” information technology to the building maintenance sector and to Knowsley in particular.  Initially, it was a major investment in time and money, but it is now paying dividends through joined up working and faster turnaround of properties”. 

The photograph below shows all partners to this innovative project celebrating the award for bringing excellence to the building maintenance industry and the social housing sector of Knowsley.

From left to right: Jimmy Billows (KHT), Paul Wignall (Vivark), Steve Davies (Structec), Mike Costigan (Vivark), Sarah Minshall (KHT), Lucien Wynn (Oneserve), Dawson Stone (Oneserve), Dominic Harrington (Oneserve) and Geoff Davies (Structec).

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